13437 105 Ave, Surrey, BC

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Blog by Max Chiu | July 20th, 2017

I just finished uploading this Land for rent, 13437 105 Ave, Surrey, BC

OPPORTUNITY & LOCATION Opportunity to acquire approximately 2.58 acres of land in the Surrey City Centre Plan. As per the plan the properties are designated for Midrise development with allowed 3.5 FAR. Properties are centrally located. 4.2 FAR including Bonus Density (Calculated before dedications) POPULATION PROJECTIONS It is projected that by 2034 the population in City Centre will reach approximately 50,000 and 65,000 by 2044. Although the current land use plan update is planned for a thirty-year time horizon, the population in the plan area will not reach full capacity during this time frame. Using the current land use plan designations, it is estimated that the City Centre population could reach full build-out capacity at 134,000 people within an 80 to 100 year time frame. DESIGNATED MID-RISE (3.5 FAR) Mid-rise towers will serve as a transitional area between higher densities and lower densities. The site may have a mix of building forms including mid-rise and high rise, with an overall gross site density of 3.5 FAR. * Additional 20% Bonus Density based on Gross Area